Benjamin Kanter

Ph.D student & a vivid explorer of the world and its picturesque outdoor scenes. He can be found relaxing with a good drink.


Benjamin's role in the lab:

PhD candidate using chemogenetics and electrophysiology to explore mechanisms of hippocampal remapping.

Current projects:

  1. Chemogenetic dose-dependent control of hippocampal inputs reveals subregion-specific roles for spatial memory. (Lead author.)

  2. Grid field firing rates control the predictability and stability of hippocampal remapping. (Christy is lead author.)

  3. The effect of recent experience on hippocampal remapping and spatial memory impairment. (Vilde is co-lead author.)

  4. Long-term stability of spatial and directional tuning in medial entorhinal cortex. (Oscar is lead author.)

Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences