Meet our talented team and learn about their ongoing research.

Stefan Blankvoort

Researcher & candid runner and climber.


Benjamin Kanter

Former PhD Candidate & a vivid explorer of the outdoor world 

Miguel Murteira de Carvalho

Senior postdoc/Research Scientist & a keen man of the outdoors

Oscar Michael Thornton Chadney

PhD Candidate & Cricket enthusiast

Qiangwei Zhang

Staff Engineer/Oil lover and proud rottweiler mom.

Annika Utz

PhD Candidate.

Food lover and keen hiker.

Marcus Sandbukt Flatset

Master student

"Trying his best not to fall over when it's icy outside!"

Maria José Lagartos Donate

Former post-doc/Researcher & martial arts lover/ instructor.

Christine Lykken

PhD Candidate & food-lover.

Lucie Descamps

PhD Candidate & aerial arts enthusiast/ Pokemon trainer

Valentina Di Maria

Post-doc & Amateur photographer

Christina Schrick

Staff Engineer

Outdoor lover and a keen Gardner. 

Joachim Schweder Grimstvedt

PhD Candidate & Science fiction lover

Bianca Ana Zaharia

Research Assistant & Singer

Kristian Njerve Myreng


Lab Coordinator & keen volleyball player

Vilde Aamodt Kveim

Former Master student & a avid basket ballplayer, food-lover and often found hiking in the mountains. 

Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences